Handowin HE is an award-winning storyteller based in New York/Shanghai. After having worked in brand marketing for years, she was determined to jump out of this “Comfort Zone”. Keen on a storytelling approach serving her various whims, Handowin holds a strong desire to endeavor to create artworks in which each one could feel her extraordinary imagination with a funky soul. She ever collaborated with various brands, media, and children‘s book publishing houses domestically and internationally.  She is also the recipient of Int'l Motion Art Awards 8 Selected Winner, World Illustration Awards Shortlist, Bolognia Children’s Book Illustrator Virtual Wall etc.

Besides, Handowin is also a zine-maker contributing to independent publication. Since 2017, she has participated in a multitude of art book fairs, illustration fairs, and zine fests throughout the world.

The current goal is to be a great storyteller in terms of brand or editorial illustrations and children's books. Through her visualized stories, an incomparable world outlook could be recognized.

Brand clients include Adidas, Vans, Disney, Pernod Ricard, Innisfree, Avene etc.

Book publishing houses include Sichuan Children's Book Publishing House and Saremo Alberi.