• Medium: Digital Illustration

  • Printing: Riso Printing; Printed in Bananafish (Shanghai); 50 copies

  • Size: A5

  • Binding: Stapled

  • Paper: 300g

This is the first Zine I individually accomplish and fully dedicate to the entire process. The concept is to describe me in a visualized way. I am, more or less, believing in the horoscope. Each one has one's specific horoscope chart. Thus, your personality is determined by mixed star signs. Usually, I will focus on my sun, rising and moon star signs. In this Zine, I analyze my personalities from a star sign's perspective. It is not very storytelling but experimental.

Besides, it is also my first time to do riso printing. How to lay down different colors becomes a challenging topic. Even if there are solely two colors, a spark still ignites my vision.

Design and production are literally very initial stages. Communication, pricing, and distribution are the most difficult ones for me.