Children's Book Project: The Arctic Time Traveler (Unpublished)

Age Group: 10-12 years old

Theme: Adventure + sci-fi + fantasy

Written and illustrated by me


In 2138, Oscar, the last polar bear, wakes up from a long nightmare, surrounded by an apocalyptic calamity that the whole Arctic (human beings, robots and animals are all living in the Arctic because of extreme climate change) is swamped into chaos and no creature survives except him. The nebulous fragmented memory tells him that the King’s aggressive “iceberg-transfer” plan disrupts the global ecosystem, leading to the destruction of the earth. Oscar encounters a snowy owl, the embodiment of the King’s daughter and realizes then there is a temporary swirl hole in the center of the Arctic, which is also the time-traveling trigger. Before it disappears, he needs to find it and go back to stop the king from destroying the Arctic.

Extracted Scene Illustrations: