Children's Book Project: The Arctic Orphanage

Age: 12-15 years old

Theme: Action/Adventure


In 2098, global warming almost wipes out all creatures in the Arctic. Only a small group of young arctic animals remains. Having lost not only their parents but their homeland, the young animals have been led into an orphanage built by the despicable businessman Glare. Believing in Glare’s promise that the parents would be resurrected, polar bear Oscar gathers his friends to help in Glare’s giant cloning plan. However, there exists a shocking secret behind the plan. The Inuit, the indigenous habitat, are hired by Glare to execute this experiment. “Inuit 190930” (hereinafter referred to as “190930”), one of the executors, overhears the truth and unlocks Oscar and his friends. However, another startling truth is waiting for them.

Protagonist – Polar Bear Oscar (reckless, innocent, stubborn, bold)

Antagonist – Orphanage Director Glare (despicable)

Change Agent – “Inuit 190930” (smart, reliable)