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"The Night Circus" Pop-up Book

My project The Night Circus is a pop-up book based on the novel of the same name. Attracted by its distinctive concept, resonant storyline, and mesmerizing depiction of characters and scenes, I am more than motivated to adapt it into a multimedia experience. It looks ambitious and deeply satisfying and perfectly tailored to my expertise. My pop-up book, differentiating it from other standard folding books, ostensibly looks like a miniature striped tent, which is evenly divided into four theater stages representing four pivotal scenes of the novel separately. The ultimate presentation consists of a physical book, video and photo recaps. The whole process reflects a mixture of theater design, illustration, collage, photography, and film-making.

Fragmented reading time and anxious reading behavior increasingly impede us from enjoying paper books. As an advocate for independent publication, I passionately devote myself to spreading out its unique charm. From my perspective, the pop-up book is an optimal approach to demonstrate the story in an engaging way. My tent-shaped pop-up book is a multiple-dimensional vehicle inundated with rich interactions. While walking around the tent, leaning toward the characters, or poring over the decorations, you are immersed in a magnificent show.

Initial Sketches

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