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Carlsberg CQ Beer Hunan Scenery Label Series

2019 July, Carlsberg CQ Beer new label series released for Hunan region launch, regarding six distinguished and representative scenes of Hunan Province.

"醉美湖南”新包装共有6款,分别展现了张家界、岳麓书院、南岳衡山、桃花源、凤凰古城和零陵古城等六大湖南风景名胜。重庆啤酒独有的红色基调与湖南的“辣”文化高度契合。在传统中国水墨与现代工笔的勾勒下,一幅幅根据实景描绘出的写意画面色彩饱满、细节精致、明暗深浅交叠,瓶标图案更显“醉美”湖南神韵,也让啤酒瓶充满了艺术气息。" (ref:

I was invited to design and illustrate six scenes including Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang ancient city. Considering branding color tone and regional culture, I select red and golden as key colors. The illustration style is close to Chinese ink and wash painting. Color contrast, detailed elements and lighting are focused on this series.

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