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0622-0624 Shanghai Unfold SHABF
0629-0701 Beijing Art Book In China
1012-1014 Taipei Art Book Fair & Bang Bang Bang
1130-1202 Jululu Indie Book Fest
1222-1225 The Mixer Place Christmas Flea Market 
1229-1230 Cross Year Flea Market by RESEE
0413-14 "Funky" Flea Market
0510-0512 Hangzhou Oasis Fashion & Art Festival
0715-0716 Brooklyn Art Book Fair
0914-0915 Small Press Expo
0919-0922 New York Art Book Fair
1108-1110 Boston Art Book Fair
1206-1208 Barrak Art Book Fair
1219-1222 Seoul Illustration Fair

1228-1229 Cross Year Flea Market by RESEE


0815-0816 Breaking Grounds by Common Rare

0822 The Grand Theater Art Flea Market

0829-0830 The Awesome Flea Market by RESEE

0906 aBC Art Book Fair

1002-1004 Hangzhou Illustration Flea Market by 31Jian

1016-1018 Nanjing Art Book Fair by Bonjour

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